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The Drink with Bragging Rights

We’re making an extreme relaxation drink worth bragging about. It’s delicious, natural R&R in a can. Drank is an original – a carbonated drink to help you slow your roll – and we still believe it’s the best. It gives you maximum grape flavor refreshment, made in the U.S.A.

Drank delivers with B vitamins and relaxants born in nature, like Rose Hips Extract, Valerian Root, and Melatonin. Our purple has a purpose – to help you stay calmer in a crazy world. Axe that anxiety and stress. Wind down from a 0 to 60 kind of day. Clear your mind of all that noise.

You can’t be high-velocity 24x7. De-accelerating is simple and safe with Drank as it is blended to be a functional lifestyle drink for adults, available in 16-ounce cans.





Drink Products Examples

The Next Generation of Drank

With the overwhelming success of Drank Classic, a new line of extreme relaxation supplements have emerged. With the same slow-your-roll blend of Melatonin, Rose Hips, and Valerian Root, relax your body with our new Island Time, Raspberry Chill, and Sour Freeze Flavors.

Experience deep physical relaxation with our Island Time Drank. Its a refreshing fruit punch flavor that is tropically blended to be both tangy and citrusy, filling your tastebuds up with delicious ideas of calming island breeze and hypnotizing summer sun.

ROLL with an out-of-body mellow beside our Raspberry Chill Drank. Our blue supplement will ease your mind with notes of tart Raspberry and juicy berry essences. Reduce your stress safely, and calm yourself into an utter state of relaxation with our lean berry blend.

Get goosebumps every time you sip on our Sour Freeze Drank. It's an edgy blend of zesty green apple flavors that guide you into full-bodied relaxation. Lean back and throw that anxiety aside as our green Drank quenches your thirst and leaves you blissfully couch-locked.  

Extreme relaxation of body, mind, and soul is waiting inside our new Drank flavors. But don't take our word for it. Sip some yourself. Laidback never tasted so good. 

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